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Recovery Meals

Recovery Meals provides a comprehensive and exciting approach to foodservice operations in Behavioral health. We service, detox facilities, residential rehabs, Psychiatric hospitals and military installations.

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Servicing all of Arizona
Phone: (480) 287-0616
Write us: contact@recoverymeals.org


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Men and women have very different dietary needs.

At Recovery Meals, we make an extra effort to provide women with the dietary needs they request. When needed, we make smaller meals for women as well as high protein-gluten free options, parfaits and Fresh salads.


What makes our program special is that we include on site cooking 3 times per week along with our daily delivery service. We cook fresh panini’s hot off the grill, Sunday brunches, omelet bars, Steak nights twice a month and bbq picnics.
On site cooking brings flair to your foodservice program and helps to keep patients and staff happier.


No facility wants to see patients leave before their program ends or they graduate. Our comprehensive foodservice has shown to reduce A.M.A.’s and A.S.A.’s because patients are happier with their meals and our chef’s pay extra attention to the dietary needs of all patients. We do not just drop off meals. – We integrate your program with unique and fun food events.


If your facility has late arrivals and you need a meal right away, we can deliver on call at no extra charge. Just give us a call. Our staff is available to deliver meals 24 hours/day/7 days a week to help you.


We are happy to provide a 1 week trial before signing a contract with your facility. This trial will help to give you a better understanding of how we operate and how our food service program can help you.